Who am I?

Technically, I’m an economist.

I graduated with a degree in economics from Concordia University, but in my last year, I decided that I much prefered programming and software development, so I added in a minor in computer science. Since graduating, I’ve decided that sofware is much more in line with my interests and have dedicated myself to the career, working at various companies as a software developer. Most recently, I have been working in Montreal for AON3D ( we’re hiring!), working on code related to 3D printing and begrudgingly, business related codebases as well.

When I’m not at work, I like to tinker and take things apart to see how they work, and occasionally will play around with code based tools for things I wish I was better at - notably, graphics (using regl and WebGL), CAD (using OpenSCAD), and audio (using lissajous js and occasionally starting from scratch using the web audio api). I also like to climb, but unfortunately, it’s winter right now and I don’t get the opportunity to go very often.