Who am I?

Technically, I’m an economist.

I graduated with a degree in economics from Concordia University, but in my last year of studies, decided that I much prefered programming and software development, so I added in a minor in computer science. Since graduating, I’ve worked as a software developer and continued to dive deeper into programming languages, paradigms, theory, computers, and software as a whole.

From February of 2017 to July of 2020, I worked at an industrial 3D printing manufacturer, AON3D, where I was the first software hire. Here, I created the core system running on the machines that powers the user interface, manages over-the-air system and firmware updates, print-file management, web server etc. Until a dedicated firmware developer was hired, I was also tasked with modifying the firmware codebase (a fork of the popular open-source firmware, Marlin) to develop features tailored to AON3D machines - automatic bed levelling, chamber heating, and an asynchronous communication protocol to replace the blocking synchronous protocol used by most 3D printers.

Before AON3D, I worked at Plotly where I was one of the core maintainers of the plotly.js javascript charting library, and implemented support for Jupyter Notebook hosting in the Plotly Studio SAAS product.

When I’m not working, I like to tinker and take things apart1 to see how they work, and play around with code based tools for things I wish I was better at - notably, computer graphics, CAD modelling, and DSP. More recently, I’ve taken an interest in cars, but they appear to be a money pit that I’m not eager to dig into (yet).

I also like to climb rocks and backcountry ski, but unfortunately, the current global pandemic means I don’t get the opportunity to go as often as I’d like. If you are in the PNW and need a partner for either, send me an email!

  1. One of my favourite coffee table books is called Things Come Apart