Deconstruction of a Malicious Macro

At work recently, a coworker notified me of a suspicious looking email they had received. They were initially suspicious of the format of the message received, but even more so once they attempted to open the attached password protected Word document. As you may imagine, there were macros contained within that attempt to run as soon as it’s opened, but luckily my colleague had the good sense to close the file as soon as he was prompted to run them.

Intrigued by this, I poked a bit deeper to see what this was attempting to do.

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"Haskell": 17 Points in Scrabble™

This has been in my _drafts directory for months and now that I re-read it, it seems trivial, but it’s time to start good habits and just post things instead of feeling like it’s inadequate.

I’ve been in the process of learning Haskell for a while now, but only recently have gotten to a point where I feel like I know enough to actually do anything with it. While laying in bed, I was thinking of things I could write that would be easy, but not too easy and decided a simple little program to find all the possible word combinations given a set of Scrabble™ tiles would be a good start, and also a good way to demonstrate how concise Haskell code can be.

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Creating a first post for a personal website is tricky. It sets the mood for everything else that gets posted, so it’s important to write in the way you want to be perceived. Should I be more laid back and casual, or technical and formal? I’ve already been sitting at my keyboard for too long on a hot Montreal evening, so I’m deciding to just not think about it and write, and try to write frequent, small snippets of posts instead of the often seen monolithic posts that some blogs have. This is partially because it takes a while for me to write, but moreso because I don’t think I’m quite at a level where I can confidently write about a subject for more than a few paragraphs at a time. Until that day comes, I’ll keep it short and sweet and just share my personal discoveries.

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